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An innovative approach to event planning provides meeting professionals the big picture.

Are you an event planner that could use some audio visual expertise? Just about everyone who has planned an event is familiar with conducting a site survey. As an audio visual provider, meeting planners expect that we come prepared to take in a lot of data and be able to provide solutions to an ever changing set of problems that occur during the event planning process.

Will it all fit?

Can we fit three more tables over here? Will everyone have a clear view of the stage and screens? What happens if we turn the entire room 90 degrees? How do I fit all of the AV into a challenging event space and know that it is going to work before I get there? This can be pretty stressful stuff for the meeting planner, the facility, and the audio visual company.

If you have experienced these questions before, you know that the underlying question that a meeting planner wants to answer is, “How can I tell with certainty what my experience will be like?”

Bellevue Hyatt Regency event

AV Factory creates memorable events at the Bellevue Hyatt Regency in Bellevue, WA

Design with confidence

At AV Factory, we really wanted to find a way to answer this question with greater certainty. We wanted to be able to show you, the meeting planner, what your next event will really look like. We wanted it to be totally accurate, so that you can have the confidence in our ability to give you, the meeting planner the real picture of how your next event will really look.

Our design team at AV Factory has carefully crafted many of the ballrooms, convention center halls, and even some very unique spaces in the Pacific Northwest. These 3D models are meticulously accurate, giving us the ability to show you, the meeting planner every detail about your next event with no mistakes. This service makes shows go more smoothly, with no missed expectations, and everybody gets high fives at the end for a job well done.

Earn high fives on every event

Who needs this service? Meeting planners need excellent event design guidance to build successful meetings. Event facilities need well designed plans to execute and deliver great experiences to their customers. Producers need confidence when they hire an AV company to be their eyes and ears in an unfamiliar event space. We produce picture perfect results before the show so that we get picture perfect results during the show.

Enjoy a few examples of our work, we will continue to spotlight how AV Factory is solving event challenges in specific spaces to make beautiful events in future articles.

Do you need this type of service on your next event? Contact us at AV Factory and ask how we can help.

Erick Alsheimer
AV Factory

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