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What does audio visual mean for your next event? Part 1: Video Equipment Rentals

In the convention business, I run into a lot of meeting planners who are given the challenge of planning audio visual for the very first time.   The term audio visual itself widely encompasses just about every device that either makes sound or shows a picture — or both. Most people who have not chosen to make a career in the AV business or deal with planning technical events can really struggle to understand how all the parts and pieces fit together. Luckily, you have professionals who can help guide the process of planning and supporting a major meeting or convention.It is always good to have idea of what results you want have before you begin budgeting and planning.

Video equipment rentals play a significant role in the presentation environment, do you know if you getting the most of our event budget by choosing the right items for a successful meeting?



Video Equipment Rentals

Video Projectors, Projection Screens, Cameras, and Monitors can be an important part of your next event.




Video Projector Rentals

Video Projectors and Projection Screens still are the heart of any large meeting and presentation environment.

Presentations & Video Equipment Rentals

Are you planning to have a slide show or video presentation at your next event? There is a ton of video equipment and display technology out there that can make a presentation soar. Choosing the right stuff to rent for your event can be a tough challenge without a little guidance from an expert.

Video Projection 

Video projection technology continually produces better and brighter images for events large and small. Considering that a little more than a decade ago 35mm slides were still relevant, today’s presentations require high definition video, larger screens, and content that keeps the audience’s attention. Anyone can tell you that brighter projection is better, but you can find that even lower lumen projectors can pack a significant punch if the lighting levels are controllable. The term “lumen” is a measure of brightness that a projector can display. At AV Factory, we recommend using 3,000 lumen projectors for small meeting rooms, 7,000-10,000 lumens in most ballroom event applications, and 10,000 to 20,000 for high impact conventions and large assemblies.

LCD / LED Monitors

If you have been to a tradeshow recently, you will know that just about every booth you encounter is teaming with video monitors and LED panels. Monitors and video displays are no longer used only for content, they are also used a tool to display graphics and branding. This can be an eye catching way to sell marketing opportunities such as event sponsorship or recognition. When choosing between investing in printed graphics and video displays, video display monitors can be cost effective rentals that can be used over and over again – even when the brand message changes.

Camera or No Camera?

When many people gather together for a major speech or presentation, it is always a good idea to rent a camera and a camera person. Guests need to be engaged with the person presenting from the stage. Many convention halls and ballrooms can seat guests well over 100 feet from the stage. At this distance, it is very difficult to see the details of even the most animated presenter. Choosing to rent a video camera and displaying the camera image on the screen is what we call Image Magnification or “IMAG” for short.  Giving attendees a large clear view of the presenter on stage using projection and big screens dramatically improves the experience of every guest.



Professional Video Camera

Make sure to capture everything on the stage with a video camera. Your guests will have a better experience.



HD Video Projector Rentals

HD Video Projectors and large Video Projection Screens are a great way tin engage a large audience.

Video Presentations

A video presentation can be the centerpiece to many fundraising events, auctions, or business meetings. How do you make sure that your audience engages with your message the way that you have hoped for? Our number one recommendation to achieve the best video projection results is to show the video in High Definition. High Definition video projection is bright, colorful, and the picture is crystal clear. What matters the most is that your message is displayed the very best that it can be. Making the decision to rent HD Video Projection on your next event can really make a difference to the overall quality of the guest experience.


If you are new to planning audio visual for meetings and events, you can be successful with a good planning strategy, sound advice, and great video equipment rentals from the audio visual experts at AV Factory. In our next article, we’ll talk more about audio, lighting, and scenic ideas that can make an event experience amazing.


Erick Alsheimer

AV Factory


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