Virtual Events

Virtual Events Services

As more and more businesses go digital, you have the ability to extend the reach of your business communications by using live webcasting services for a Virtual Event. Webcasting, as the name suggests, means the broadcasting of audio and video over the web. Audio Visual Factory offers both Live and On Demand Webcasting services so that users can enjoy the best, customized experiences. For Live Webcasting, the distribution of media files over an internet service provider occurs while the event is in progress. With On Demand live webcast services, an event can be recorded and then stored on a media server for playback later so that any user can access the content at a more convenient time after the live event has ended. We deploy dedicated engineers, world class equipment and the best content delivery networks to help your business make a huge impact.

Virtual Event Studio in Bellevue

In addition to our Virtual Event Services, we have partnered with the Meydenbauer Center, and built a scalable, turnkey Virtual Events Studio to help keep your events running and your employee and customer engagement high.The Virtual Events Studio brings you a broadcast quality studio to host virtual meetings and webcasts. Built with safety in mind, this offering is a conscientious way to continue to engage your audiences whether they’re your employees, your fans or your community. In our current, fast-paced and ever-changing climate, we wanted to present a simple solution during a complicated time all while adhering to safety recommendations, social distancing guidelines and video streaming security.